HB 335 -  Satisfaction of Mortgages

by Fabricio
Requires mortgagee or servicer of mortgage to send estoppel letter within specified time; provides requirements for estoppel letter; requires payments received pursuant to estoppel letter be applied to unpaid balance; provides for liability; authorizes damages & attorney fees & costs; prohibits punitive damages; provides certain persons may still be personally liable after recording satisfaction of mortgage.
Effective Date: October 1, 2022
Last Event: Withdrawn prior to introduction on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 2:03 PM

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Event: H Withdrawn prior to introduction Time: 10/19/2021 - 2:03 PM Member: Fabricio Committee: Version: __
Event: H Filed Time: 10/18/2021 - 5:01 PM Member: Fabricio Committee: Version: __

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701.04 HB 353, SB 1016
701.041 HB 353, SB 1016